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Saturday, 13 October 2012

When my friend came to know about my crossdressing, life takes a turn - Part 1

           I am Balakrishnan, A 27 years old Engineer living in The Silicon valley of India aka Bangalore working in one of the Top Tier-1 MNC Head quartered at Electronic city (an area allocated by Karnataka Govt. specifically for IT Companies.). The good climate of Bangalore, and its recent emergence as an IT Hub is known to everyone. Another phenomenon that prevails in this wonderful city is, the change in the lifestyle of the Unmarried IT Engineers who comes to Bangalore for work leaving their families back in their hometown.
            Being away from home will make some homesick, whereas it gives a sort of privacy and a sense of independence as there is no one to control or question them. Occasional phone calls from parents can always be managed with some fake answers. Not to mention the fat pay cheques. I'm one of those IT Engineers who just moved to Bangalore after a lot of struggle to break the gateway of IT Industry and have just now started to live an independent life. Especially, for a cross-dresser like me, living away from family is an invaluable opportunity to buy female cloths,jewels freely, dress up, have sessions with fellow CDs whenever I get a chance.. However, in the past 5 months of my stay in Bangalore, I never got a chance to get dressed up as I am sharing a 2 BHK Apartment with 4 of my College-mate as I'm not able to afford individual accommodation due to the skyrocketing rents prevailing in the Garden city.
            Facebook was my only way to vent my stress and freely roam around as Thaslima, My female persona in the virtual world. I have lot of friends in Facebook who knows me as Thaslima. And,I'm addicted to that virtual life. I cannot afford not logging into FB as Thaslima even for a day. As my roommates will be there all the time, I used to sit in a corner of the room when Facebooking (New verb, nice na ! :)) to avoid chances for my friends coming behind me and look into my laptop screen. Facebooking as thaslima was an Immense pleasure to me..I get a feel of living as Thaslima in real world as I surf around FB and the virtual world, talk to female and cross-dresser friends, chit-chatting, and all those female things.. Life as going as happy as it gets. Till last week!!!

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