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Saturday, 13 October 2012

When my friend came to know about my crossdressing, life takes a turn - Part 2

                  Sitting in corner and living as Thaslima in virtual world for an hour everyday became a second nature for me. life was good, Until 2-Oct-2012(Birthday of India's Mahatma-Gandhi, a Holiday). I was feeling little tired due to previous days work.I completed my works on the previous day only by 2 AM in the morning and returned to my residence by 3 AM. 2 of my roommates took a day leave to office and went to their home towns for vacation. So it was me and my another roommate, Kishore. My college-mate.
                  While talking about Kishore, there is a college day incident to remember. I used to be a little fat and with fluffy muscles all my life till now. But that's not a big deal. I was having fluffy flesh in my chest area and hip area. Hence I use to look different from other boys no matter what effort I take to reduce or cover those fluffy muscles. This was a regular affair from school days. Things changes when I entered teens and I used to get teased a lot for my feminine assets. Yes, I call them feminine assets as they grew proportionately as I grew up. Coming back to Kishore, He was one of my close friends. We started to go to gym. My intention was to reduce the fluffy muscles whereas his was to grow stronger and muscular. On the second day of the workout, myself and kishore finished at the same time and went to take bath. In the dressing room, I was just with towel exposing my Chest.Or,should I say breast?!!. There came Kishore after bathing, On seeing him semi nude for the first time, he exclaimed and shouted 'Wow Bala, I never knew u had an awesome pair of boobs!!!'. I was shocked on his comment. I know I had fluffy muscles around and never know it was so shapely. He, without even delaying a second, rushed near me and had a feel of my muscles with both of his hands. I backed a step and became angry. Kishore, on seeing my anger, felt guilty and said 'Extremely sorry bala, I shouldn't have done that. But it was so tempting'. I left the place without uttering a word. afterwards, I stopped going to gym. We graduated and was out of college.
                Coming to the present, The same Kishore is my roommate now and was the only one who was staying with me on Gandhi Jayanthi. Though we stay in the same house after coming to Bangalore and Kishore got many chances to see me semi nude after bath, He never acted as he did in College and maintained decency. Quite natural for boys to get matured in these kind of feelings once they get the hang of it. Things were going smoothly. Kishore was getting ready to go out for breakfast. I was still on bed and was sleepy. Asked him to buy some breakfast parcel for me. He obliged and left the house.
                I see my laptop switched ON and kept in the table. Kishore might have used it in the morning when I was sleeping. It was an usual affair. I just got an itch to check my FB status. by FB Status, I mean Thaslima's as I don't have any real FB Account revealing my male identity. I logged in, Started checking the updates, accepting new friends reqs, checking newly posted photos of friends. got sunk into it literally.

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