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Thursday, 10 January 2013

When my friend came to know about my crossdressing, life takes a turn - they made me thaslima - concluding part

    Kishore came near me, touched my face and pressed my cheeks. I was already in severe pain because of the piercings that Sam made. Kishore started to press my ears in the pierced areas. I was not able to resist the pain..I was jumping in pain like a fish that has been put out of water."aaaaaaaaaahhhh"..He pressed all my newly pierced holes for a considerable time. I was crying all through. Still weeping. He removed my saree pallu and started undoing my blouse to access my boobs. He pulled my bra up so that my breasts are naked. He started caressing it gently first and then slowly built up his intensity. At one point, it started to pain like anything. He was pinching my nipples hard and hard. I started squirming again in pain."This is my gift that you will never forget baby!!" said Kishore and in no time, he picked up the piercing gun from Sam and pierced my nipples. "ggwaaaaaaaaddddd", this is the most unbearable pain I'm experiencing in my whole life..I was helpless, tied in chair, squirming in pain.. they were enjoying the sight of me suffering in pain for a good 30 mins. I became tired because of all these things, left without much energy to think or do anything.
    they untied me from the chair. I fell down in the floor with no energy for anything. Kishore came near me, lifted my face by my chin, then hand cuffed me and ordered me to stand. With much difficulty and cuffed hands, I stood in front of them. Kishore started "Listen carefully Thaslima. Now that its evident that you are a sissy and also we started to make you what you are, you must obey what I'm going to say now else the video of you sucking my cock today morning will be sent to your colleagues,parents and publicized in internet too. Let me tell you one thing. You know me as your colleague,friend. But I do some other things also. Here, Sam, Raj and Khanna, these ppl are my friends and are dealing with supply of sex workers to mumbai,kolkatta areas. Upon hearing about you, today afternoon Sam coined the idea of converting you to what you actually are and selling you in mumbai. Mind you, these three are capable of killing you in a jiffy if you don't do what we say. hijras like you with girly body will go for anywhere between 4 to 5 lacs which is big money. We dont want to loose it at any cost. You will be monitored all the time by any one of us. But dont worry we will not be with you all the time. you will be monitored secretly. If you make a move to escape, then we will go to any extend. so be warned. You are the second son in your family and already your brother has settled well and taking care of your parents. So, it better you be what you are and atleast profitable to us. From today onwards, the bala inside you is no more. you are thaslima all the must wear only girls dresses like sarees,salwars,etc. and you must wear jewels in all the holes that we pierced now. this will increase your feminine feel and thereby femenine harmones. Though your body is curvy and feminine, you are little chubby. So,in order to make you slim and slender, you should live on liquid foods only. Tonight, you will be moved to Sam's place where you will start living as thaslima. you should take care of all house hold chores. Simply put, you are going to be the housemaid for Sam. Raj and Khanna are also staying in the same house only. I've used your credit card and purchased adequate supply of female harmone tablets and all female stuffs and threw your card. anyhow, you will not need any money hereafter as you will stay indoors only. you must take the harmone tablets religiously. we will check the growth of your breast,waist and bum to ensure that you are taking the harmones daily. Then, there is no better way to make you more feminine than making you take on real male's rod. So, all of us would have sex  with you. it will make you fit for the work that you are going to do after one year. So, that's it. Now as a token of acceptance, lick our feets." Kishore finished and took a deep breath. I was stunned. I tried to spit at Kishore's face. All of them removed their belt and beat me black and blue. I was crying like anything. But my voice is not going anywhere as I was gagged. It has become 1 AM by now. "Thaslima, have this in your mind. Either live as Thaslima or die. we will sell your organs and make money. either way we get profit. Its you to decide whether to live or die.." Said Kishore in a strong voice. I was helpless. and I dont think they will leave me. "tell me, do you want to serve us?" I nodded my head in agreement. All of them laughed and patted themselves in happiness. I wept bcoz of pain and whatever happened. Kishore came near me and attached three rings to each of my ear in the newly pierced holes. Then he attached rings to my nipple piercings, Nose piercings and navel. I moaned in pain. Then they gagged me tightly and made me wear a burkha. Burkha is a muslim costume which is generally black in colour used to cover women from outsider's sight. They made me wear burkha and chained my legs which restricted my movements and allowing me to move in small steps.Basically, they took all the measures to ensure that I dont try to escape. So, now if someone sees also, they will think that a muslim girl is walking with her brothers or relatives. They took me to a Scorpio car parked in the apartment basement. After one hour of journey, they stopped the car. Seems like its Sam's house. It was big, away from city and deserted. The took me inside."So Thaslima, this is your new house and we are our masters. From now on, you dont have a duel life. Be a obedient maid, you will become a woman of your dreams or else, die within this house"."Now tell, whats your name?", I meekly said "Thaslima!".
                  After a year with harmones and all those sex with pure males, I became like this.
They sold me in mumbai red light area. With my assets, I am able to attract more customers. Some became regular too. Because of this, the guys who bought me are happy and take care of me well. I got my own circle of friends who are mostly transgenders in the same business and I became their favourite because of my childish and bubbly character. "Thaslima!!". oh, my didi is calling. Some new customer it seems. See you later friends.

- Thaslima.


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