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Friday, 4 January 2013

When my friend came to know about my crossdressing, life takes a turn - they made me thaslima

I was tired and my mouth was paining after the session with Kishore. I was depressed too..with lots of thoughts in mind, I slept unknowingly. "aaaah" I got up screaming after getting a heavy pain in my butt cheeks. It was kishore who gave me a tight whip in my but using his belt.tears rolled down from my eyes. I stood in front of him. then only I realized that it has become evening. Kishore was wearing an unusual evil smile in his face. "you sissy faggot, remember this?!!" Kishore asked me showing a black bag. Oh my god!! its my bag in which I stored my crossdressing stuffs secretly in the loft. "Og god, what now?!!" I was really afraid on thinking about the consequences. He asked me to sit in the corner without any dress..He began to humiliate me again.. I removed my dresses and sat on the corner..He slowly opened the bag and started taking out items one by one..I had a full make up kit, imitation jewels, few sarees,matching blouse and inners, a patiala suit all of which I collected all through my crossdressing life but never wore them once as I never got chance."ah, you you are in an idea to wear all these? lady?!!" Kishore was in utter surprise and shock to see my collection. "you better be dressed in saree, I'll be back in an hour", Kishore left the house locking me inside.
           My mind was not in a state to think of anything other than wearing a saree. I always keep my body hairfree. So, without any shaving, I proceeded to start dressing. first I wore a skin colour silk bra. The size 38 cup D bra fitted me nicely without any paddings. my own flesh filled it nicely. For the first time, I felt the goodness of bra supporting my breast. it was heavenly. then slipped a matching petticoat as I was already wearing a satin panty. Its my habit to wear satin panty all the time even when in male dress. secured the petticoat with a tight knot. this gave my hips a more curvy and projected look. I took the blue saree with maroon border work. started draping it slowly on me feeling every inch of the saree. Ah!! its heavenly. I wore the saree in marwari style.I mastered both south indian and north indian style draping by seeing youtube videos numerous times.
          Then I started applying makeup. made up my face with liquid foundation,followed by concealer,rose powder, highlighter, mascara and kajal for eyes with matching bindi. I was already ecstatic. I was slowly smoothening my saree multiple times. then I started with the jewels. I took the most feminine ones and wore them one by one. And, this is how I looked finally after dress up.

A good one hour went in a jiffy for the dress up. I was really felt like being in heaven. I totally forgot about Kishore and all other consequences that I'm going to face..This is the moment I felt like I started living for myself. Its Thaslima,the girl within...
       I heard the sound of the door being opened. Its Kishore without any doubt. I stood up silently. "wah wah wah, Bala you definitely don't deserve to be a man. I'm not going to call you bala anymore. You can easily get into prostitution with your assets.". For the first time, I got angry with Kishore on getting this comment. I said in a stern voice"Kishore, Pls stop it. If destiny for me is to live as a transgender, I'll definitely not choose prostitution for living.". He instantly removed his belt and gave a strong whip in my ass. I didnt cried. I withstood the pain and stood before him without showing any reactions."slutty bitch,you got a pair of boobs, curvy and smooth body which a girl should have. what do you think you will get to do after cutting your ugly dangling thing in between your legs?! Heck, you are going to do things today which you are going to do in your life forever. friends, come in" said Kishore. Three guys entered the house. All were looking huge. I guess they should be Kishore's gym friends as all were well toned and gigantic.
      I feared to no bounds. What they are up to? what they are going to do now? I felt blood rushing towards my head. I got nervous and tensed. started sweating profusely that my blouse started becoming wet.I started showing signs of crying also. I can no way defend them. Kishore itself is enough to control me physically whereas here its 3 more guys. 
      In a flashing moment, Kishore grabbed me and cuffed my hands with a steel cuff. It happened in so less time that I couldn't even react. I started struggling to free my hands.. But my efforts went in a vein. I started crying. "baby dont cry, we are just here to show you your future." came a voice from one of the three guys."Sam, get into action", said Kishore. A tall and dark guy came forward.Seems like his name is sam. He started caressing my cheeks. Sam took out a bottle with some liquid. opened it and was about to pour a little of that liquid in a sponge. "Sam, I want her to feel the pain." Said Kishore. Sam stopped pouring the liquid and threw the sponge in the bin. He took out a some instrument which resembled a mini driller. He came hear me. I was backing step by step. Suddenly Kishore and the two more caught me and held in position.. Sam removed my clip on earrings and press type nosering. Tuk,Tuk,Tuk..Sam, used that device on my right ear three times. then simultaneously three times in left ear. I was squirming in pain..didnt realized what they did till now.. Before I regain my senses, two more shots in my nose. One on each side."aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh", I started crying loud. Kishore tried to close my mouth. He inserted a cloth and put a bandage so that I dont make any sound.God, its paining like hell. Sam started acting fast. He removed my saree so that my navel is visible. Gave another shot at my navel.God, It was paining like hell..then only I realised that, he is making holes in my ears, nose and navel for making me wear jewels. I saw in mirror, blood is dripping in my ears and nose.. Sam applied some cream to stop bleeding. My make up was half ruined because of my tears by now.Nose being a sensitive part, it was paining a lot that ears. they made me sit in a chair. Kishore removed my hand cuffs and within seconds, he tied me in the chair. I'm totally in a immovable condition.Now Kishore started to talk. "bala, do you remember the incident in college? whn I touched your boobs? you shouted at me like anything. I felt guilty till yesterday for that.All for the genuineness you shown. But you are a sucking bitch in real that you shouldn't really shouted at me that day.after all, you are a sissy slut. I want to compensate all these years of guilt now". I was looking at his eyes which was filled with full cruelness.

To be Contd....


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