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Saturday, 14 March 2015

How I became wife - Part 1

Synopsis : How a closet crossdresser gets converted to a wife by his wife itself.

The Story:

         Hi friends, This is Nandhan. I'm a well settled 30 years old married guy with a desire to crossdress secretly. I started crossdressing at the age of 15 and continuing still secretly. My wife is Radha who is from a affluent family. Her dad is one of the big shots in out town. In  fact, he is the one who made me a businessman by giving a huge money as marriage gift when I married. I'm now taking care of the garments export business that he started for me. My wife has 4 elder brothers out of which the last one is not married yet.
       About my wife, Ravishing is one word to describe her. She is 3 years elder to me. Yes, you heard it right. Our marriage happened only because of a strange horoscope match between us. Mine was the only one matching with her's when her dad was looking for a bride groom for her. Hence I got the opportunity to marry her. Otherwise, I'm no match to her beauty and wealth. Everything happened because of my lucky starts. That's what I should say. Otherwise, how a jobless, middle class, average looking guy can marry such a beautiful girl with lots of wealth.
     Now, coming about me, I'm a normal looking south Indian. little over 6 ft height, normal body type with little chubbiness. Since I kept crossdressing as my habit from the age of 15, I took much care that my feminine aspects doesn't vanish as I grow in age. I use to take fenugreek seeds to maintain my breasts, use hair remover creams secretly and maintain a hair free body. Since I did this from the puberty age itself, everyone thought this is how my physique is. In fact, in school and college, I got a lot of criticisms for my little breasts and slightly wide bums.

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