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Sunday, 15 March 2015

How I became wife - Part 2

In the first part, I completed the introduction of me,my wife and family. Let's continue about my life further now.

       Myself and Radha are married for the past three years. Since its Radha's father who gave me a career and a face value to me, Its Radha who is always dominant in our married life. I never interfered in any of her decisions. I live in her father's house, doing his father's business and all the money I spend are given by her father and family. How can I go against them?. I always love this position as I enjoy a swanky life which I got by simply marrying her. I never took any risks or worked hart to earn this. Then why bother the wife's dominance?. I'm just doing husband duties by satisfying my wife and living a luxurious life. I almost forgot my crossdressing after marriage since I got all the luxuries of life and a beautiful wife. Things kept me occupied always. Though I got all wealth from my father in law, I didn't worked lavishly. I've done my part to get the business going and by god's grace, the garment business is generating decent revenue. Hence, my father in law is also happy about me.
      It was a usual Sunday evening, We were spending time casually watching TV. The movie 'aanazhagan' was being telecasted where tamil actor prashanth played a full length lady role in a very convincing manner. A still from the movie

         The movie was more than enough to kindle my feminine side to full swing. I was just thinking myself as a lady while sitting in the drawing hall itself. But somehow came back to reality and behaved myself. We proceeded to retire for the day after dinner. Everyone went to their room. Myself and Radha came to our room. The feminine feelings were racing in my mind like a hot stream of water. Oh god!!
         Radha showed intentions to have sex that day. Now, though I don't satisfy her to the peak, I do a decent work when it comes to sex. Our sex life was never an excited one. However, it went without any boredom. As always she started by directly grabbing my rod. I was in extra feminine mood and was willing to submit myself more than usual. She got rid of all her cloths and dropped them in the floor. And ordered to remove my dresses. Since I was in over submissive mood, I immediately removed my dress fully and sat on my knees in front of her. Though she got a mild jerk as she didn't expected such a behavior from me, she started liking it. She showed her dominance by sitting in the bed and bringing her leg in front of my face while I was kneeling.
         I started licking her feet for the first time in life. She liked it. Then I took her bra and started smelling it with eyes closed. feminine feelings were racing like anything inside me. I hugged the bra close to my small breasts. Now she sensed many things about me. Suddenly, she made me wear her bra and panty. I was shocked and surprised at the same time. She dominated like anything during the sex that day. She sucked my nipples, bite all over the body and had sex like a man. Except that I had a rod, I performed fully as a lady. Once I ejaculated, she even made me lick my own cum by sitting on my face. But, I was very satisfied that day on the degree of dominance I received from her. I slept with the bra and panty itself.

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