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Saturday, 29 December 2012

When my friend came to know about my crossdressing, life takes a turn - Part 3

           Was totally into FB and chatting with a CD sister.."Thaslima!!" came a voice from somewhere. I instantaneously turned towards the direction from which the sound came as a person will naturally do, Only to see Kishore standing behind me with a evil smile. Bang!! I came to reality and was shell shocked on realizing what have just happened. "Here is your breakfast" said Kishore and handed over a parcel to me and silently went to his room. I was dumbstruck, got the parcel from him and turned back without uttering a word. Room is full of silence. I was not in a state to think anything. I left my laptop without even touching it. I opened the parcel. Masala dosa!!. I started eating it. No not out of hunger. But did it as I was not sure on what to do and how to react as Kishore didnt reacted other than calling me thaslima. I tried to look into kishore's room to check what he is doing. He was silently lying down with his ipod ON.
         I finished my breakfast. switched off my laptop, started reading some books. Or, should I say I acted like reading to avoid Kishore. millions of thoughts were racing in my mind and heart was literally pounding. Oh God! if Kishore has reacted in some way after knowing my secrets, something would've happened. But now nothing is happening, no clear state, no idea on how to proceed. What Kishore is up to?! What he will do once other roommates have returned?! will he tell this to the other roommates? Will he start hating me? Worst case, will he try to use me for his sexual desires!!?? God, this situation is killing me.
          I was sitting is the same corner with all these thoughts. There came Kishore after a good two hours. He came and stood in front of me silently. I saw his face. No reactions!!!. I was about to start a conversation. "Stop bitch..Just suck me", came a stern command from him. I was again shocked, without uttering a word, looked at him. He dropped his shorts and underwear in no time. he jus was wearing his t-shirt and nothing else. Standing is a 6 ft 4 inch Hunk with well toned body and multifolds stronger than me added to these is he knows my secret now."Come on you Bitch, remove your dress and suck me!!" shouted Kishore. I was in no way can reject his command now. removed my shorts,undies and tee. I'm fully nude. I'm fully shaven and hairless with my pair of boobs hanging slightly. "Wow, you are living as a bitch in secret by shaving your body hair and all!! Ah, those nice boobs that I touched when we were in college!!" said Kishore and he pinched my nipples heavily  that I feel the pain. I was about to cry not because of the pain but because of the fear on whats going to happen."U are definitely a bitch.Now stop those girly things and do your business" came a shout from Kishore. I touched his penis,kneeling down in front of him."That's a brilliant move!!" said Kishore. I continued, started feeling his rod with my fingers. did it for a good 5 mins. then started doing something which I never did in my life till now, started licking his rod. Slowly and seductively. No idea how. i should've done this with aghast and reluctance. But here, I'm sucking as if I'm enjoying it.started sucking in a slow pace, in no time I has his full meat in my mouth and I was feeling his tip touching my throat literally. Wow, it was amazing. I was doing it with full involvement and the play went for 15 more minutes before Kishore's rod became rock hard. I sensed something. "Yeah his fluid is going to out now". Before I could react and remove my mouth, he spurted..half in my face and half inside my mouth as I was trying to move away. Splash!! second shot. Now its all over my face. I was frozen and not sure what to do. "Eat it, Bitch!!" said Kishore. like a baby, I did it. "Don't think this is the end", He uttered this last words and left the house taking his bike key.

to be continued...

Friends, I think I've written a complete first part of this story. Please read and comment. Its your comments which will encourage me and write more.thanks for reading!!

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  1. Brilliant! I want to know what happened next.. Did you dress up for him?? Please continue writing..