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Saturday, 3 October 2015

How I became Wife - Part 3

        After last session, my feminine feelings started racing like anything inside me. The next day morning, I didn't even had the guts to see Radha's eyes. But, She simply got up from bed and started that day's chores as usual. I was expecting that she will start dominating in our day to day life too. But nothing like that happened which gave me a sense of relief. I proceeded to office after having breakfast.
        I tried concentrating in office works. Though I got distracted by yesterday's happenings few times, I was able to complete that day's work without much ado. A great workday nevertheless. I thought of buying some jasmine flower for my wife that day while going back to home. Its a usual affair as she loved jasmine. I stopped the car and bought some good length from a roadside vendor and started driving towards home.
       Radha was having some snacks while I reached home. She, as usual smiled on seeing me and greeted me into home. I didn't noticed anything mischievous on her actions. But, she had plans which I came to know later :) .
       I went to the bathroom to refresh myself. My sore nipples reminded me about yesterday's happenings when I touched it while bathing.I wanted to submit myself to her again and again. "Oh Radha, Please take me and keep me at your feet". This was the words that I was enchanting while bathing.
       I finished bathing and came out with just my towel on. Radha just flashed in for a moment, gave me a light blue satin push up bra and a lacy panty of the same material. "Wear these inside. No matter whatever you wear outside". She just commanded me and left to drawing room. I was just blinking with the inners in my hand.
I was happy and flabbergasted at the same time. I couldn't believer what I heard or what I had in my hand. without any second thought, I wore both of them. both the piece of cloth were of snug fit for me. the bras held my small boobs really well. the panties made my ass rounded. I couldn't believe how a set of bra and panty could make me so feminine. I pinched me nipples just to pep up my mood.
      By now, I surely know Radha had good plans for tonight. To make her more interested, I wore my unisex kurta with floral desing and matching pyjama with gatherings at bottom. I more looked like a girl just with these stuffs itself without a single touch of makeup.

       I wore a matching unisex home slipper and came to the drawing hall. Radha just gave an approving smile. I also smiled in response. Everyone at home had dinner and went. In my house, all men deal with business and no one was really free to notice the changes in me during dinner. everyone discussed about business and the women were busy serving food. I was feeling a bit uncomfortable to sit and have food while my wife was serving the food. I would've been happy if I was in her place. I didnt asked for further servings and finished my dinner with very less food itself.
     Radha caressed my ass when we entered our room. She started caressing softly and then intensified, then pinched strongly and gave a very strong pat. I was moaning initially and then cried a bit because of pain.
     Radha gave me an ultimate roller coaster sex experience that night taking me to all moods and making me moan in all possible womanly ways. I was always at the bottom and enjoying whatever she did. I was actually expecting a dildo that day. But she didnt did that. Nevertheless, it was one of the best sessions of us.
     I drank my own cum multiple times that night. my nipples were red and my breasts felt as it its going to explode. my ass, hips, every other part of my body were having bite marks of my wife. I was bleeding on my lips because of the wild kissing she did. All in all, I was a satisfied wife that night. I was just one penetration short. Which, I think is not so far.
    I was totally submissive to my wife. So that, I have accepted her as my husband. I touched her feet by going down to the floor when she was sitting in the bed to show my respect and submission to her at the end of  the session.
    She raised my face with her leg and ordered with her eyes to lick her feet. Which I did happily. She hugged me. I snugged within her and slept like any satisfied wife would.

 Watch out for the remaining parts which would entirely deal with my transformation to womanhood. Provide your comments please.